Love Vintage Show overview

As organisers of the popular Love Vintage Shows and now The Vintage Fairs, The Vintage Team at Expertise Events is privileged to work with amazing collectors, wonderful and generous vintage experts and sellers, and meet thousands of passionate vintage lovers at our six shows each year.

Into Vintage is about distilling this passion and knowledge into an online blog, creating a community where vintage lovers and experts can come together to share their passion all year round – not just when there’s a vintage event in town.

With specialist contributors and writers drawn from the world of vintage, antiques and retro both in Australia and abroad, we hope to bring you an interesting, informative, amusing and entertaining selection of posts each month.

We invite submissions from experts in any field relating to vintage – whether your area of expertise is fashion, music, dance, home decor, photography, or even if you have an interesting collection to share, please contact us with your submission outline today.


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