The Vintage World is Not So Small After All

It’s well known that women who are over size 16 have been ignored by mainstream designers for a long time…

Vivre Sa Vie AW14

Words and pictures by Teresa from Hey Fatty

Not content with running their own business, the girls at Hey Fatty wanted to reach out to other collectors and sellers so in September 2012 the Hey Fatty and Friends Fair was created. This was an event where all the clothing on sale was over size 16 and featured a huge variety of vintage, retro and recycled clothing as well as a runway show. The Hey Fatty and Friends Fair was the first ever plus size fashion fair in Melbourne.Elyse CCR

Last month they featured in the successful Curvy Couture Roadshow – a plus size event in the Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival’s Cultural Program where they were the only ones who showcased recycled vintage down the runway.

“It was amazing to be part of this event and to give people another perspective when it comes to dressing and shopping. It also brought together a myriad of plus size businesses all under one roof”  Teresa said.

It was a blast meeting with so many fans, fashion bloggers and media but it was the brushes with fame that had the team jumping around all afternoon. Teresa was a little star struck with host Casey Donovan but she managed to hold it together to chat and have some fun, while Melissa could only manage a smile whenever Casey walked by. Melissa’s nerves were further tested when plus size fashion sensation Hayley Hasselhoff dropped by the Hey Fatty stall. Hayley took some time to browse through the stall items and handpicked a number of dresses, opting for light pastel colours and choosing almost everything that had a drop waist, pleated skirt and/or sailor style neck bow. Melissa managed to suppress her obvious excitement when chatting with Hayley, who was fresh from appearing in British Plus Size Fashion Week and heading off to Paris Fashion Week – Oh La  La!!

It’s well known that women who are over size 16 have been ignored by mainstream designers for a long time, and while there is a large range of low end fast fashion on the market, there isn’t much out there that is well made and allows women to express their own individual style. Melissa and Teresa believe that vintage and retro clothing is one of the best ways to do this as clothing made pre the big-fast-fashion boom has so much more thought put into the design, cut, fabric and print. Many European and USA designers from past eras celebrated and designed for women in sizes larger than today’s mainstream fashion models, so there are so many more options, no matter what your taste.

image purple AW14 Aley CCR
Tee CCR IMAGE aw14


While there are so many options, Melissa admits that sourcing vintage clothing over size 16 is a challenge, but she feels it’s an important one to pursue.

“All women, at every size have a right to look and feel amazing. We think vintage clothing does just this.”

In terms of styling, don’t feel you need to be a vintage purist. Mix vintage with modern pieces, pattern clash and generally wear what you want to wear and how you want to wear it!


Come and see more at the Hey Fatty stand at Love Vintage and Retro Fair in Melbourne 16-18 May, 2014. They also have an online presence, which is regularly updated with new stock and you can find out where they’ll turn up next on their Facebook page.


3 thoughts on “The Vintage World is Not So Small After All

  1. Tiffany

    Hi there! Just read your great comments about your label Hey Fatty. Whilst I’m thrilled at your success and give a great big ‘Good On You Girls’ shout out, I can’t help but feel a little disappointed at your business name – ‘Hey Fatty’. So many other names come to mind instead of the negative ‘Fatty’ like Curvaceous Babe or Hey Xtra-Hottie or Not-A-Twig…..etc. I too come from larger breeding stock than your average Australian Girl but am a little hesitant to visit a ‘Hey Fatty’ website.
    Sorry for the downer but I think you’re way too valuable and your efforts are worth far more to the bigger girl public than your name suggests. Still – ‘Good On You Girls’!!!!!
    Best Wishes now and always

  2. admin Post author

    Thanks for your feedback on the article and we hope to see you at the show! We, at Into Vintage actually LOVE that name, because it pulls no punches and uses humour, bravely and proudly. The girls at Hey Fatty work hard and have a terrific following and (I’m sure you’ll agree) a fab range. x

  3. Jed

    I am a larger woman myself (size 22-24) and while I appreciate your conviction concerning the name ‘Hey Fatty’ I have a 17yo daughter who is 187cm, quite busty (16DD)and a size 14-16 (sometimes) – she looks like she could have posed for one of those portraits that used to hang behind a bar. She is not the “norm” particularly for her age group but by the same token she is not what I consider ‘fat’. Having said that, she struggles to find clothes that are quirky; fun; stylish; comfortable; practical and age appropriate while also being long enough for her in both arm and leg length. To top it off, she also has red hair and although she is beautiful (not just my biased opinion) she has struggled with self-esteem hence my opening comment regarding ‘Hey Fatty’. I’m very much a ‘take me as I am ‘ person and I am trying to instill that in my daughters – all 3 of them – but it is difficult to do in today’s society.

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