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‘A dress, five inches above the knee, no hat, no gloves and no stockings? Well…!’ huffed a former Lady Mayoress of Melbourne, ‘if she wants to do that in London that’s her business, but it’s not done here!’
Words: Kim from Bowerbird Vintage

Audrey_Hepburn_esmorza_al_Tiffany's.bmp 1961

Of course this was Melbourne in 1965 when one of the world’s most famous and most beautiful models dared to wear a mini dress to the iconic Melbourne Cup race day. Jean Shrimpton’s outfit welcomed the sixties into stuffy Melbourne and the following season mini dresses were all the rage across Australia, accompanied by, we’re pleased to say, hats.

As Summer is almost here in Australia (some would argue it has been here for weeks now), the lead up to the festive season with parties and gatherings aplenty is the ideal time to check out the vintage millinery options. One reason for this is they’re so flattering and of course, completely original.

So while you’re thinking about that pre-Christmas cocktail dress, think how eye-catching your outfit will be when complemented with a vintage hat! How you wear your hat is just as important as the piece itself. It’s very chic to wear your hat at a jaunty angle and classic glamour is always a safe choice. A favourite style is the pillbox, often trimmed with eye-covering netting and vintage adornments.

Buying vintage also makes it possible to own a couture hat for less and it’s an investment you’ll make a return on time and again.

Promotional for Fiesta, 1947

Promotional for Fiesta, 1947

Vintage style hats and fascinators have made a huge comeback and Kim of Sydney’s own Bowerbird Vintage says this year it will be all about sixties glamour.

Echoes of Jean Shrimpton will be seen strolling the esplanades this summer in A-line shift dresses, waistless bag dresses and mini skirts. Flowing caftans in big, bold, beautiful prints will also be popular. And Kim reminds us that the perfect accessories are oversize sunglasses, fabulous Maryjane’s and of course the pillbox and wide-brimmed hats.

Esther Williams posing in a swimsuit 1939

Esther Williams posing in a swimsuit 1939

Sixties fashion fits in with summer holidays and Christmas celebrations so perfectly. Search out your own outfit in psychedelic colors, geometric prints, space age shimmer or funky over sized floral and you’ll find what was once such controversial fashion will attract all the right attention this season.

Be the style queen at your Christmas and holiday festivities!

“Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.”

— Coco Chanel

For some gorgeous complete vintage outfit options, visit Kylie’s website: Bowerbird Vintage

Images sourced from Creative Commons Wikimedia Commons

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