Mid Century Mad Men Look


Want to achieve that Mid Century Mad Men Look but don’t know how? Here are Miss Chrissy’s tips, from the Lindy Charm School for Girls.

Gina_Lollobrigida_(1960s) wikimedia commons

Gina Lollobrigida early 1960s

If you have ever watched the television show Mad Men, you know how beautiful the women always look. The mid 1950s to the early 1960s era was a time of transition. The wholesome mindset of the early 50s was being taken over by the revolutionary attitude of the mid 60’s. Women began to show off their sexier sides while still holding on to most of their morally rigid ideals.


The Makeup:


With the introduction of shorter hairstyles, makeup increasingly emphasised the eyes. The doe-eyed look of mascara-outlined eyes with slightly elongated corners was accentuated by thickly pencilled eyebrows. The long slender necks of the fifties were enhanced by chiffon scarves or glamorous jewellery inspired by the nostalgia of the roaring twenties.

Studio_publicity_Marilyn_Monroe mid 1950s Wikimedia commons

  • Foundation: The first step in achieving the Mad Men look is to use a good foundation to create a really flawless canvas to work with, then applying a pressed powder so that you get a nice matte finish. I use Latona Foundation at the Charm School for a consistent photo finish. latonasmakeup.com.au

Sophia Loren 1959

  • Blush: The look was all about pink cheeks, so brush a pinkish powder blush over the apples of your cheeks. For the perfect beguiling look, my favourite blush is the Lindy Charm School’s Essential Blusher.



  • Eye shadow: The next step is to shadow the whole lid with a nice light, creamy white base, then pick a pale blue, turquoise green or mauve (whatever works best for your outfit and eyes). Use the darker colour in the crease and blend to the outer eye area. Don’t overdo it and blend, blend, blend!
  • Eyeliner: This is the most important detail. The best type of eyeliner to get that defined strong look is a liquid eyeliner. The Lindy Charm School for Girls Essential Define Eyeliner is super for this. Lay the brush flat and draw a line along your top lash line making the line thicker at the end as you get towards the outer edge of the eye.


close up

  • Lashes: Apply mascara to the top lashes making sure to accentuate the outer edges.


  • Eyebrows: Use a brown eyebrow pencil to brush and fill the colour of your eyebrows to thicken and pronounce the arch. Darker, fuller eyebrows were the look of the decade. I recommend LCS Brown Eyebrow Pencil.

Elizabeth Taylor helped popularised the red lipstick

  • Lips: They said that full, ripe lovely lips and a sweet mouth characterised the truly feminine woman! Agree or not with this statement, lipstick does complete the look. Using the LCS Essential Perfect Pout Lip Liner and Lipstick Set, define the ‘V’ of the top lip with your lip liner, following the lip line to the inside corner of top lip. If you wish to create more of a pout, then go slightly above the natural lip line in the bow area of the lip. Do the same on the bottom lip and if you want to create a fuller bottom lip, running the line slightly under the natural line in the centre of the lip only is a nice touch. Use a lip brush to colour your lips in using the colours of the day – anything from deep red or bright pink for evening wear and softer pinks and corals for day wear.

Look out for Part 2: Hair and Fashion Signature Styles from these prosperous and vibrant years! in next month’s Into Vintage.


Images sourced from Creative Commons Wikimedia Commons and Lindy Charm School


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