Yellow for Inspiration

Daffodil Day is officially Friday August 23rd across Australia. It represents hope for a cancer-free future and raises funds for cancer research, patient support and prevention programs with just a little help from us all – simply visit the Daffodil Day website to find out more.




The yellow daffodil is such a bright, happy colour – uplifting and illuminating, it offers hope, happiness, cheerfulness and fun! Yellow loves a challenge and is the colour of the networker, talker or communicator.  Yellow made a huge fashion appearance in the ‘50’s and 70’s, in art deco jewellery and other pieces in the 1920s, furnishings and interior design colour schemes in the 1950s and ‘60’s and glassware in various hues throughout the decades.
Which of these items brighten your wardrobe, home, or your day in general?


1 Vintage dress by Bower Bird Vintage
2 Reversible necklace by Recycology
3 Antique lace by Pitt Trading
4 Swimwear by Sirens Swimwear
5 Swimwear by Beyond the Sea Swimwear
6 Hat & Jug by The Vintage Advantage
7 Party dress by The Vintage Drawer
8 Marimekko Cushion by Kiitos
9 Homewares by That Retro Piece


Find these items* and more at The Vintage Fair, September 27-29, Australian Technology Park, Eveleigh, Sydney


* Kiitos will not be an exhibitor at The Vintage Fair


One thought on “Yellow for Inspiration

  1. Alex Sebby

    Love the bright yellow vintage! Personally the yellow vintage dresses are a personal favorite, but really like any kind of vintage clothing online. Thank you so much for posting these lovely items!

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