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Stan and Dave are two Sydney blokes who have a passion for fabulous vintage and retro finds. They’ve been collecting for some time, but early last year decided to take their passion up a notch and turn it into a business. And so That Retro Piece was born.


Murano-style hand blown glass vase

Stan Savellis, co-owner with Dave Yates of That Retro Piece recalls, “We launched online in June last year and have just celebrated our first year in business! The year has gone so fast with lots happening. We’ve built a substantial global and repeat business customer base. We’ve shown exclusively at the Love Vintage Show twice (Canterbury in September and Moore Park in March), and we’ve been featured in a number of publications including Peppermint Magazine (Australia) and Mollie Makes ‘Gathered’ (all the way over in the UK!)”.


Amber liqueur glasses


Harlequin Brandy balloons

Into Vintage asked Stan about the boys’ favourite decade(s) and pieces…. 

“I think both of us really admire the period in which we base the business – predominantly the 1950s through to the 1970s. The 1950s were the real catalyst for some fantastic design pieces – particularly in the furniture and home decor arena – a lot of which we have at home.”

He continued. “Having a vintage and retro business has helped expand our knowledge as well as our tastes, so it’s hard to pick just one favourite. I’m a big fan of Aldo Londi’s work with Bitossi in the ’50s. His Rimini Blu design is classic, so naturally I have a few pieces….some might say too many!”  (See our article last month Bitossi-Affordable Collectables.)


Aldo Londi designed Rimini Blu vase for Bitossi, Italian from the 1950s


English Pyrex made by James A Jobling (JAJ) in Sunflower pattern 1978

“Other favourites that come to mind are some of the rarer West German pottery designers like Schlossberg, Iikra and Marei; Tretchikoff’s brilliant series of prints from his travels around South East Asia and vintage Pyrex of course – English Pyrex by JAJ in particular.”

“Dave is a big fan of starburst clocks. We have four different styles at home. He also has a keen eye for furniture. We’ve recently had a pair of original Hans Wegner plank chairs refurbished, as well as one of his bear chairs. They’re so comfortable. I could curl up in the bear chair and read a book any day.”


1960s Seth Thomas starburst wall clock, with German pottery pieces

Stan and Dave

Stan Savellis and Dave Yates, owners of That Retro Piece


Are your customers collectors or do they mostly buy for home decorating?

“It’s interesting actually. We have a real mix of customers. One of the best things about our business is that, more often than not, our customers share with us their stories, their collections, background, families, everything.” Stan said, then smiles. “We have a lovely lady in the US who collects pink and turquoise Pyrex dishes from around the globe so that she can leave them for her daughter. She has a brilliant collection so far and has sent us pictures of it – as well as of her family! And we were able to obtain a rare Crown Pyrex pink casserole dish for her, from here in Australia. She was so happy. Bless her!”

Why do you think retro home wares are so popular now, and what do you think the future trends will be?

“There is certainly a demand for vintage and retro pieces–now more than ever before. I believe it’s driven by a desire for good quality, great design and unique pieces which also showcase one’s own personal taste. Recently we’ve gained copies of interior decorating books from the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s which have really opened my eyes to options on design, colour etc – some in a good way and some not so much. But it’s very subjective!”


Enamel dishes in various sizes

Interior Design Books 1

Interior Decorating books from the 1950s to 1970s

“And with regards future trends – well that’s interesting. I’d love to think we’ll continue to ride the wave of mixing colour and signature pieces with existing, contemporary design. I do think that we’ll see more styles from the 1950s ramp up before the trend dies down. Think sleek, sexy lines…”


West German pottery vase by Marei

If you would like to explore the full range of fabulous retro pieces at That Retro Shop, visit their online  store or pop in to the The Sydney Vintage & Retro Fair, September 27-29 at Exhibition Hall, Australian Technology Park, Eveleigh, Sydney.

Or join them on Facebook:

Twitter: or Instagram: @ThatRetroPiece

 And of course, people can contact the boys via email:


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