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Can we take our fashion cues from HRH? If the unprecedented rise in popularity of Launer London’s handbags is a guide, the answer is a resounding yes!

StateLibQld_1_102767_Queensland's_Governor_says_good-bye_to_Queen_Elizabeth_II_after_her_visit_in_March_1954 Wikicommons


When Queen Elizabeth II accessorised with her (personally designed) Launer London handbag at William and Kate’s Royal Wedding, she could hardly have predicted the shopping frenzy that followed, sending sales of their traditional style handbag skyrocketing by a whopping 60%!

Launer London Nocturne Handbag Purple 960 GBP

Launer London Nocturne Handbag Purple 960 GBP


Launer London Diva Handbag 1,015 GBP

Launer London Traviata Handbag Yellow 1,125 GBP

Launer London Traviata Handbag Yellow 1,125 GBP

In fact Launer London’s traditional target market of ladies aged 50+ also saw an explosion of new, younger buyers, and savvy management were quick to expand their retail and online presence to meet demand. Despite being positioned in the luxury items category with price tags to match, they continue to ride that wave of success today.

Elizabeth_II_greets_NASA_GSFC_employees,_May_8,_2007_edit wikimedia commons


With the upcoming Queen’s Birthday celebrations in Australia on June 10, we took a pictorial journey of her wardrobe throughout the decades and wondered … what might the next royalty–inspired fashion-jewel-in-the-crown be? Queen_Elizabeth_II_and_Prince_Philip_disembark_from_a_British_Airways_Concorde US Federal Govt 1991 Wikimedia Commons
2012 Titanic Belfast flickr-8178344427-original licensed under photopedia Reagans_with_Queen_Elizabeth_II_and_Prince_Philip wikimedia commons 1983 Queen_Elizabeth_II_and_Prince_Philip_visiting_NASA,_May_8,_2007 Goddard Space Flight Centre Maryland wikimedia commons

Images of Handbags kindly provided by Launer London publicity department

Queen Elizabeth II images are all public domain and sourced from Wikimedia Commons



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