Hardcore Pawn heading Down Under

Hit TV reality show Hardcore Pawn has taken Australia by storm. We can’t wait to meet the stars, Les, Seth and Ashley Gold, at this year’s Love Vintage Shows.

Seth Gold - Hard Core Pawn

Seth Gold specialises in Sports, Musical instruments and Sports memorabilia in the family business ‘American Jewelry & Loan’

We caught up with Seth whose area of expertise in the family’s business lies in watches, musical instruments and music memorabilia.  Here’s what he revealed:

1.  So you are coming to Australia for the Love Vintage Shows. Have you been to Australia before? And what are you most looking forward to doing or seeing while you are here?

No – I’ve never been to Australia before.  I’m most excited to meet my ‘fans down under’ and see some kangaroos and the Sydney Opera House!

2.  And we’re excited about meeting you in the flesh! Tell us, how did the whole concept of a reality TV show come about for you guys?

I received a phone call from a producer wanting to come in and film for one day to see if there would be any interest.  I told him “No”.  Throughout the day I was talking to Les about it and he was all for it – he bugged Ashley and I until we relented. He kept saying “How big could it get?  Let’s just try it!”

3.  So has being a reality TV star changed life for you?

Not really, except that now people everywhere recognize me and I’m always getting stopped for photos.  It’s a cool feeling hearing people’s stories, and because of our celebrity status, we’ve been able to reach out to our community in a lot of ways.  For example, this year we’re hosting THAW (The Heat and Warmth Fund) for our local energy company to help raise money to pay the heating bill for families and senior citizens in need.  It’s really great to know that someone will have a warm night because of us.

team photo for web

It’s a family business run by Les Gold and his two children, Ashley and Seth.

4.  Many families have a love/hate relationship with each other but how do you feel about yours being exposed to the world?

I love my dad and sister very much, we’re a very close family. It’s great working with them but no one knows how to push your buttons like family.  That said, no one has your back like your family either.

5.  We see some crazy scenes on your TV show, is this just an average day for you?

I wish I could say that was just for the show, but it’s not. The cameras definitely intensify some encounters, but the wide variety of people that come through the door on any given day is one of the reasons our shop was picked.

6.  What is your personal area of expertise in the pawn business?

I went to a school for Business, so I’ve helped bring Les out of the ‘old school’ way of doing things. I also specialise in watches, musical instruments and sports /music memorabilia, so I often help out with purchasing deals on those lines of items.

7.  Do you collect anything yourself and what might pique your interest when you’re here for the Love Vintage show?

One of my favourite things to collect is sports memorabilia.  I don’t think I’ll find much of that at the show though, but I’m really excited about the different vintage jewellery pieces. I love that everything is for sale!

8.  What is the strangest, most unique item you have pawned?

We have had some really crazy items brought though the doors.  Some of the strangest include a fake eye, which he popped out right in front of me! We couldn’t buy it because they’re size and colour specific. We also had an alligator once that Les loved and didn’t want to resell and we still have some leftover gold fish that we used to feed it – they’re HUGE now!  The most unique item to date though has to be the Kevorkian Van we recently purchased. In the US, and especially in Michigan where he’s from, EVERYONE knows about Dr. Jack Kevorkian AKA Dr. Death and his Death Mobile, a 1968 VW Bus fitted with his “assisted suicide” equipment!  To get to purchase such an iconic item for the store was wild.

9.  In your years in the pawn business, have you ever come across any interesting Australian items? If so, what were they?

Actually I just bought two didgeridoo’s a few weeks ago.  The guy who sold them to me was amazed I even knew what they were!

10. What can people expect when they meet you at the Love Vintage Shows in 2013 and when are they?

I’ll be at Sydney Love Vintage on March 15-17, Les will be at the Brisbane show April 5-7 and Ashley is going to be sharing some stories at Melbourne’s show on May 17-19. I’m not sure what you can expect – but I can guarantee it will be a great time!

Visit the American Jewelry & Loan website for more information about the Golds and their show, Hardcore Pawn.


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