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Family Album Competition Winners!

Congratulations to our winners of the Family Album Competition! Each of the pictures below has won for its owner a double pass to the Love Vintage Show of their choice – we hope you enjoy the family memories…

Jo Saunders
This is my mum and dad (mum’s in the cool orange cozzie).  Arrived Australia by boat December 1963 as $10 pound poms.  This shot taken on Manly Beach in February 1964.  They’ve obviously adapted to the Australian lifestyle already!
Hope you like the shot and looking forward to seeing the family album.
Maria Silvestri


This is my Uncle John, they were ever so hip… Oh and gotta love the jacket at the beach….
Love it…
Caption is: So they call me Johnny cool, see why??

Sharon Ellery


This is the wedding of my parents, Ivan and Mary.They married in Mildura, Victoria in 1961.

Julie Cordner
Ferry trip
My family used to holiday at Point Lonsdale on the Bellarine Peninsula. One time duing the mid-60s we took the ferry to the other side of Port Phillip Bay to Sorrento. Here are me with my mum in her fab sunnies, plus brother and sister. Dad was behind the camera.
Fern Christian

This photo of my mother, Joyce, going off on holiday is from the early 1950s. She’s in the centre with the awesome white hat! I’m not sure where she was going on this trip, but she was flying Eastern Airlines from the USA!

Debbie Howden


This is a pic of my Mum and Dad taken in the 1955.
They were at my Mum’s sister’s wedding and they were bridesmaid and best man. Just absolutley adore this fab picture and the clothes were to die for.

Megan Rushton


This is my husband holding hands with his grandmother Peggy (left) and his mother Alison (right). This would be around early 1965. The photo says it is at Balmoral Beach. Alison made both swimming costumes.

Xue Wang


My father and his sisters and brother and their mother having a family photo in their yard in China in 1956.



Ballarat Beat in Pictures

The inaugural Ballarat Beat Rockabilly Festival was held last month in great weather with a great turnout. Plus for the very first time there was a dedicated Swing venue with two of the best swing bands in the country… Lucky Seven from Adelaide and The Pearly Shells from Melbourne.

IMG_1999 big

Swing dance classes were also held each day with Chrissy & Ray from the Gold Coast’s Swing On In. The Mining Exchange was the perfect venue for most of these events as the ambiance and history of the place took us back to Saturday Dances of the 40s and 50s.

The festival featured many Australian and overseas bands including rockin’ acts like Men Into Space, Scotty Baker, Atomic Hi Tones, The ReChords, Keiran McDonald, West Texas Crude, Dan & The Dualtones, The Mayhem County Boys and The Sugarshakers. The weekend was a great showcase of Australian rockabilly performers, punctuated with visiting international acts such as Omar & The Stringpoppers as well as CC Jerome’s Jetsetters from the Netherlands, who have recently been touring Australia. They knocked ’em dead at the Ballarat Beat!

Click on the images below to see them at full size:

IMG_1972 IMG_1836 IMG_1993
IMG_1863 IMG_1984 IMG_2016
IMG_1915 IMG_1844 IMG_1835
IMG_2014 IMG_1912 IMG_1949
IMG_2020 IMG_2014 IMG_1999 big
Words and pictures by Chrissy Keepence


Celebrity Vintage Wedding Fashion

Vintage is fashionable these days among the rich and famous.  From vintage wedding dresses and Victorian necklaces to antique cufflinks, celebrities can’t get enough! ‘Vintage’ is the current trend in celebrity circles due to the appeal of owning something unique, retro, fashionable and memorable.

Liz Keene Photography_LoveVintage_01 (14) Cropped

Vintage is fashionable these days among the rich and famous.  From vintage wedding dresses and Victorian necklaces to antique cufflinks, celebrities can’t get enough! ‘Vintage’ is the current trend in celebrity circles due to the appeal of owning something unique, retro, fashionable and memorable.

love vintage  (19) smRecently, Hamish Blake’s blushing bride, Zoe Foster, chose a custom-made vintage style gown designed by Steven Khalil which she paired with Givenchy heels. Her handsome groom wore a Patrick Johnson suit. Khalil has become the designer du jour for local celebrity brides in much the same way Vera Wang is globally. When Hamish spoke of the moment he first laid eyes on his beautiful bride in her dress, he exclaimed, “I’ve never actually had my breath taken away in my life, until that moment when I saw Zoe.” Zoe’s dress was perfectly accented with a simple rose flower tiara and stud earrings.


Princess Grace Bracelet Courtesy Mercury Jane Flickr sm

Princess Grace Bracelet

Many celebrity brides choose vintage style or replica wedding gowns to show off their sense of nostalgia and impeccable taste in fashion. For example, Kate Middleton wore a wedding dress styled after the late Princess Grace’s gown with the lace detailed bodice almost an exact replica except for its neckline. Seed pearl buttons, cap sleeves and a pond train completed both Princess Grace’s and Kate’s look with even their veils being similar too!

Liz Keene Photography_LoveVintage_01 (41) croppedNot to be outdone, Anne Hathaway, recently known for her role in Les Miserables, wore a vintage-inspired, custom-made Valentino gown to her wedding to actor and jewellery designer Adam Shulman.  She completed her off-the-shoulder look with beautiful swathes of chiffon, a bluish-pink train and a twenties-inspired headband and flowing veil. The groom created her ring himself!

Celebrities’ interest in vintage fashion and jewellery has helped to fuel public admiration of vintage wedding accessories, often bringing an emotional connection between the cherished jewellery piece and their memorable day.

Make memories at your wedding by showing off an antique diamond wedding ring, a strand of Victorian beads, a carved ivory hair comb or a vintage-inspired wedding dress.

Text contributed by Susan Walker, Suzanne Izabelle Fine Jewellery. T: 0407 253 740


Images courtesy: Liz Keene Photography; Johnny Bousfield Photography; Flickr: Mercury Jane; Love Vintage Shows: Forever Vintage




Happy Birthday Clare Boothe Luce

As we acknowledge International Women’s Day this month it seems fitting to celebrate Clare Boothe Luce’s birthday, born March 10, 1903.

Seven professional pursuits spanning seven decades. Suffragette, women’s activist, editor, politician, journalist, playwright, foreign intelligence…. all laced with her trademark acid wit and bitter humour.Quotes-2 copy

796px-Clare_Booth_Luce_by_Van_Vechten Wikimedia

Clare Boothe Luce

To say Clare Boothe Luce led a full life is an understatement! She was largely driven by her desire to make a contribution to the advancement of the women’s movement through her writing, her government appointed positions, and her donations. Even in death she ensured her legacy would live on, bequeathing funds to establish a program for women in under-represented fields such as science, mathematics and engineering.

As a young woman she was introduced to the Suffrage movement through a family friend and although this was contradictory to the notions that women should marry well and be committed wives supporting their husbands and families (which she also espoused), her support for the women’s movement was a lifelong undertaking.

Clare Boothe Luce The Women Poster Creative Commons

Poster for ‘The Women’ – the movie

After a short editorial stint at Vogue and Vanity Fair magazines in her early 20s, she pursued her passion of playwriting and soon experienced success with her satirical, all-female Broadway production The Women in 1936, and then in the movie version in 1939, starring Hollywood royalty of the time.

This story took a (rather confronting) magnifying glass, multi-generational look at women and their positions in the institution of marriage and family,  and their roles in society generally. Her characters were representative of a cross-section of well-heeled, aristocratic married women and divorcees.

Thomas_C._Hart,_Manuel_Quezon,_Clare_Boothe_Luce_-_October_1941 Wiki Commons

October 1941 with Thomas C Hard, Manuel Quezon.

Just prior to her playwright journey in 1939 Clare wrote a book called Europe in the Spring, during her war correspondence travels.

But her writing career was soon eclipsed by her political roles. As her activism escalated she won a Republican seat in the US House of Representatives. She campaigned tirelessly for Republican presidential candidates, took a high profile anti communist stand, influenced Roman Catholic voting trends and was appointed Ambassador to Italy and later to Brazil

Quotes-3 copyWhen presenting her with the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 1983, President Ronald Regan said, “A novelist, playwright, politician, diplomat, and advisor to Presidents, Clare Boothe Luce has served and enriched her country in many fields. Her brilliance of mind, gracious warmth and great fortitude have propelled her to exceptional heights of accomplishment….”

Rosie the Riveter - an image created to encourage women into work during the war

How inspiring! Happy Birthday Clare Boothe Luce.


Image sources:  Wikicommons, Creative Commons, Wikimedia










Stepping Out in Style

Hosiery manufacturing has come a long way.  What originated as a basic leg stocking used mainly for warmth, is now one of the most widely used fashion accessories for women.  There are limitless varieties of patterns, deniers and colours that are sure to satisfy and excite all hosiery enthusiasts. 

1940s-shoes (1) singleAs hemlines rose in the roaring 1920s, so did the need to protect and cover one’s legs.  Silk stockings were introduced to women during one of the most significant periods in the history of the USA: on August 26, 1920, the Women’s Suffrage Battle was won and the 19th Amendment to the United States Constitution became a law – women finally earned their right to vote. 

Fashion movements are always influenced by politics and culture, so it isn’t surprising to learn this iconic style  reflected women’s independence, our strength and most importantly, our femininity.

Original back seam stockings were literally sewn together, which explains the construction of the back seam up the leg.

During WWII, stockings were expensive and didn’t last.  Cotton or wool ones were dowdy and rayon sagged. Due to the scarcity of them, women famously resorted to eyebrow pencils to draw seams up the backs of their legs. This is another testimony to the determination, resourcefulness and creativity of women and conversely, the psychological need to look feminine and attractive.

lossy-page1-427px-Philadelphia,_Pennsylvania_-_Hosiery._Minnesac_Mills._(Woman_draping_stockings.)_-_NARA_-_518687.tifLooking at the picture of Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell flaunting their back seam sheers in the iconic movie, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, it’s obvious they look sexy in the best possible way. They both look smart, strong, fun and independent.  While some people will always argue to the contrary, women can be powerful and sexy at the same time.  Perhaps we are not wearing our back seams with bodysuits and top hats, but we are wearing them with a gorgeous pencil skirt and a cashmere sweater.

Although you will want to keep the look as authentic as possible, sometimes it’s not always practical to wear suspenders and stockings. Hence the popular alternative is the Nude Cuban Heeled Pantyhose.  They have great denier content, stretch to fit most and are sheer to waist pantyhose for ease and comfort during your everyday working life.

800px-Sheer_stockingsAs with anything you spend money on, it’s important to take good care of your pantyhose and put them on with care ie: pantyhose should be rolled right down to the toe before putting on. Roll them on gently and ease them over the heel. Then roll them slowly up the leg and check that the seam is straight as you go. They should always be put on while the wearer is seated and with the legs lightly bent. As they are NOT fully fashioned stockings, do check from time to time while you are out that your seams are still straight and that you haven’t ‘stepped out of your heel’.

You can buy your pair today HERE from The Lindy Charm School For Girls.

Contributed by Chrissy Keepence



The Importance of Hair-Brushing

I have this little book. It’s ratty and tatty and falling to bits but oh how I love the smell of it. The yellow pages are aging but the stellar advice given is priceless!  The book is titled ‘The Handbook of Beauty’ by Constance Hart, written in 1955.

The Importance of Hairbrushing

I was raised by my mother to appreciate the importance of brushing my hair. This wasn’t a conscious lesson, nor could I remember being nagged or made to do it. It just became routine. However I was recently in my mum’s company, bent over, head to the floor brushing my hair from the back to the front over and over when she said… “you know, your sisters and most younger girls just wouldn’t know how good that feels”.

I asked her what she meant and she replied that while I was made to brush my hair every night, the other two (who are younger than me and either because they grew up in a different time, had shorter hair or because Mum didn’t have the time to be ON them as much) just don’t brush their hair like they used to.

TiStock_000013312159Largehey are more likely to tussle their hair, air dry it then bang on some fudge to make it messy. Or they put it up into a messy bun and that’s the end of it. Only in the expert hands of a hairdresser does it get a good brushing. But to me it’s just a normal part of my daily routine. So now every time I brush, I also take a moment to really enjoy how it feels.  (Important Tip:  Never brush your hair when it’s wet, this is when your hair is at its weakest. Only brush when it’s dry.)

I thought about this again last night while I was reading from one of my favourite little books, and I thought I would share:

“There is no set rule about the amount of brushing needed.  You may have heard that 100 strokes a day is the sure way to hair beauty.  That’s just a convenient number picked out of a hat.  You can brush your hair 50 times, 100 times, 208 times or 333 times a day.  The big point is daily regularity.  Better 100 times a day than 700 times once a week.”

“One of the silliest notions ever to hit the female sex, by the way, is that brushing disturbs a hair setting. Quite the contrary. A hair setting that is un-brushed will begin to look like a wig after a while.  If your hair has just been set, and is completely dry, brushing will loosen the set just enough to make it look more natural. Good hairdressers themselves thoroughly brush just set hair before they add the final combing touches.”

(I will interject here briefly to agree, as long as you are using THE LINDY CHARM SCHOOL FOR GIRLS ESSENTIAL SETTING LOTION – in which case there is no need to be scared about brushing out a set.)

Courtesy Wiki commons No copyright alt“Now… about those cast off nylons, I listed among your essential aids to hair beauty. No matter how clean your hair, there is bound to be dust, dirt or soot in it, especially if you live in the city.  This grime clings to the brush bristles.  Obviously, with the same brush used all over the head, the dirt is picked up from one part of the hair and brushed right back into another part.”

So try this experiment.  Slip an old nylon over your hairbrush.  Brush your hair a few times.  Now look at the nylon.  Shocked at the dirt on it?  I’ll bet you are. But you should feel relieved, because the dirt is now on the stocking and not on the brush bristles or back in your hair.  Whenever you brush, slip a nylon over the bristles.  After every ten to twenty strokes, move the stocking so that a new section of it covers the bristles.”

This neat trick also helps to keep your brush cleaner longer. But regardless, you must wash your brush often – at least once a week (that’s why having a second brush as a pinch-hitter is a good idea).  Dip the brush into luke-warm soapy water adding a couple of drops of aromatic ammonia if particularly dirty then swish around, rinse and shake off before allowing to dry in the sun with the bristles up.”

Chrissy Keepence (Miss Chrissy) runs The Lindy Charm School for Girls, offering workshops, MC services, Hen’s Parties, Weddings and more.

Image sources from top: WikiCommons, Lindy Charm School, istock.